The Modern Mystery School Ensofic Ray™

This is the complete Reiki Healing System from the Modern Mystery School lineage which accesses the Ensofic Energy.
The Ray of Ensof is the highest and most powerful ray of light. It is the first ray of creation.
It is pure, limitless light which holds all potential within it.

The 3-session protocol has incredible results
for aiding in manifestation, abundance and the improvement of physical health conditions.

The sessions are scheduled at least 7 days
apart over the course of 3-4 weeks.

3-Session Series | Session Length: 60 Mins
Energy Exchange: $600
Pre-purchase 3 sessions: $550
Energetic Healing Adept: Michelle Brown-Cole

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The power of the Ensofic Ray Healing Modality

•  Release of Toxins and pain held within the physical body.

•  Clearing and healing of negative thoughts and thought patterns

•  Helps you to rewrite the Book of Your Life

•  Penetrates to the core activating the codes of divinity  within each person

•    Re-orients the body, soul and spirit for complete and absolute alignment

•    Very effective in those lacking passion for life, lacking

      desire, feeling off-track, and/or stuck in a rut.

•    Awakens desire and increases connection to beauty  and love

•    Infuses the 12 rays of creation within the Soul and Spirit Body

treatment process

A typical treatment of Ensofic Ray is comprised of three sessions, each with its own unique focus.

The Physical Body

Your first session of Ensofic Ray is all about the physical body. It works on
the energies within the body, any
physical ailments, or psychological
issues which may underlie physical symptoms.

This 60-minute treatment uses Ensofic Reiki to help energies flow through the physical body in preparation for the
next session.

Soul and Spirit

Your second session of Ensofic ray
is devoted to healing your Soul and
Spirit Body.
The 1-hour treatment is divided into
two parts.The first 30 minutes involve
the practioner’s hands flowing pure Ensofic Ray energy into you.
The final
30 minutes is dedicated to placing sacred seals into the etheric field of your body, allowing a shift and healing, of the Soul Body with the Spirit Body.

Client Customized

The final 60-minute session is reserved
to specific needs you may have at that particular time. During this treatment, either the Ensofic Ray or Reiki treatments
may be repeated. The 12 seals are also checked to ensure they are still locked into place.
The primary goal of this session is to ensure you receive attention to any issues which may be present.
Any questions, concerns or comments
will also be answered in this session.
If necessary, a fourth session may be scheduled.