This healing is often used as a pre-requisite session offered before one of our metaphysical workshops like
Sacred Geometry or Empower Thyself as it helps to turn on the light you hold within your energetic structure.

Life Activation

The Life Activation activates 22 of the 24 strands of your DNA. Just as your aura and chakras are an extension of your physical body; your DNA is both physical and spiritual. It contains the master plan for who you are, your life’s purpose and divine potential. It holds the encoded information relative to your physical and spiritual lineage.

session includes

•    Central Core Balancing
•    16-petal lotus balancing
•    Balancing of chakras
•    Elemental & Magnetic Lines
•    Etheric energy
•    22-strand DNA Activation
•    Intuitive DNA Reading
•    Set of alchemical elixir to assist with the
     Integration of the session

benefits include

•   Anxiety and stress relief increased physical energy and
•   Assists with releasing emotions and patterns that no
     longer serve
•   Brings joy into your life
•   Lightens depression and sadness
•   Heightens your connection with your Higher Self
•   Enables you to hold more Light (positive energy) in your
    physical body
•   Assists with unlocking unrealized talents and abilities
•   Gives you more clarity
•   Assists with releasing emotions that no longer serve

duration: 60 Minutes
energy exchange: $199
Life Activation Healer: Marty Cole or Michelle Brown-cole